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How to get into Bhutan

You can enter Bhutan; both through AIR services and MOTORABLE road. Unfortunately the Country being landlocked between India and China, there are no sea routes. At present two airline services (Druk Air and Bhutan Airlines) provide such services from:

  1. New Delhi (India) to Paro
  2. Mumbai (India) to Paro
  3. Kolkata (India) to Paro
  4. Gauwhati (India) to Paro
  5. Kathmandu (Nepal) to Paro
  6. Dacca (Bangladesh) to Paro
  7. Bangkok (Thailand) to Paro
  8. Singapore to Paro.

However prior to the visit, for confirmation, please surf relevant website of the airlines and contact a registered tour company is advised.

There are three motorable routes that enters Bhutan; one from Jaigaon (Indian town), Jalpaiguri District Jalpaiguri, West Bengal, another from Dadghari, Assam and third one from Rangia, Assam.

All visitors are however advised to obtain necessary visa or entry permit before entering Bhutan.

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