Festival Tours

In Bhutan, most of the festivals are based on religious beliefs, nature, its products and mammal and birds. And these religious festivals are popularly known as “Tshechu”.  There are Dzongkhag (District) and also village tshechus. Among these, Paro and Thimphu tshechus are very popular with the visitors. For Bhutanese these Tshechus are important religious festivals and ensure it is properly attended. These religious festivals, enacts various historical and spiritual characters, deeds and sagas. As such, attending these Tshechus for Bhutanese is believed would wash away their sins and guide them to correct their present life style leading to a better after life.

Here are some religious festivals and their tentative timings, the Company recommends the visitors to attend:

Besides these there are many other local and dzongkhag wise tshechus, if the visitors are interested, we could provide the details.