Company Profile and Services

Upon the recommendation of Tourism Council of Bhutan (TCB) and under license no.1035608 granted by the Regional Trade and Industry Office, Thimphu, CK Bhutan Tour and Treks Company located at Thimphu; provide personalized services in arranging; Social, Cultural, Religious, Just Holiday and trekking trips for you and the group in Bhutan. The Company shall ensure an unforgettable and recollectable trip of Bhutan. For further details and contacts, please visit “contact us”.

Why should YOU visit Bhutan with CK Tour and Trek Company?

Bhutan is one of the smallest Country in the South East Asia region with a small population. Lying between two largest Asian Nation; India and China both having largest human population among the whole world, Bhutan has successfully preserved and strengthened its unique Identity, culture, traditions and environment. This has been possible mainly because of our Visionary Monarchs and the people for their love of unique identity and belief to protect environment for all times to come. Bhutanese people by nature are friendly. They will not hesitate to spent some time with you even if you are just making small inquiries, this is attributed to good culture, tradition and heritage.

For many, Bhutan is still mysterious, where Gross National Happiness is given top priority and adopted as the leading factor to develop policies and economy enhancing activities against GDP. Entry of electronic media only in 1992 further adds to the mystifying image of the Country. Feature that attract once you enter Bhutan is greenery, clean environment, friendly attitude of the people, peace and religious atmosphere. In Bhutan, you will be walking along with nature. With surrounding mountains, dense forest, rivers and without any vehicular traffic congestion, days spent in the Last Shangrila will leave you with an un-forgettable experience of life.

Bhutan is also treated as one of the expensive tourist destination because of its tariff. For many countries tourism has become main source of revenue generation and in the process of attracting more tourists, the religious beliefs, social, cultural values and identity of the Nation is compromised. Bhutan wants to evade such concession and believes in presenting its values, faith and identity in its true form to the visitors for many years to come. Within the “low volume & high impact” policy, the tariff paid shall accommodate meal, accommodation, transport, guide and offer a memorable and cherished journey of your life.

In tourism industry, a business entity holds responsibilities to ensure quality service to the clientele, alongside projecting the true impression of the Country. CK Bhutan in addition, will undertake this venture as a platform to learn to continuously improve the services and grow appreciation among the visitors on the significance of preserving and strengthening its beliefs, values and identity of the Nation.