Ringpung Dzong and Tadzong at Paro

Ringpung Dzong AKA as Paro Dzong was founded in 15th century by Lama Drung Drung Gyal. The Dzong ranks as a high point of Bhutanese Architecture. It is also listed as a tentative site in Bhutan’s Tentative List for UNESCO inclusion. Paro Dzong is very well known among the visitors for its yearly religious festival known as Paro Tshechu which is usually held in the month of April. For many visitors Paro Tshechu has been the main attraction among many others for their visit to Bhutan.

Paro TaDzong, the present National Museum of Bhutan was built in 1649 initially as watch tower. The National Museum displays hundreds of ancient Bhutanese artifacts and artwork including traditional costumes, armor, weaponry and handcrafted implements for daily life. The collection at the National Museum preserves a snap-shot of the rich cultural traditions of the country.

Tadzong is also located at such strategic place, from where one could see the airplanes landing at Paro International Airport and this is not a sight to miss.

Besides there are many other attractions in Paro valley including historical and religious sites.